Arysta Lifescience
  • All companies are different, but we are unique

    Our unique “Asset-Lite, High-Touch” business model makes us nimble and allows us to develop and service high-technology products that provide the best response to customer needs.

    Our unique combination of products — ranging from seed treatment to crop protection to biosolutions—provides complete technology for crops.

    Our unique research capabilities — a global seed treatment center of excellence, an exceptional biocontrol facility, an outstanding biosolutions plant, as well as facilities for the formulation of crop protection products—drive our innovative approach.

    Our unique people have diverse backgrounds, expert knowledge, true dedication to what they do, and exceptional personalities, making our company a desirable place to work.

    Our unique growth opportunities are driven by our global presence; new market and product acquisitions; and a strategic focus on high-growth emerging markets, all of which offer strong prospects for exceptional career development.

  • Together we contribute to agricultural prosperity

    The world population is constantly growing and has already reached more than 7 billion people. To ensure sufficient food production, it is essential to help farmers to protect their crops and thereby maximize their harvests and yield quality.

    According to the European Crop Protection Association, global food production would fall by 40 percent in the absence of effective tools to protect crops against yield losses caused by weeds, pests and diseases.

    By developing unique combinations of innovative crop protection technologies and biosolutions, we help farmers to increase their agricultural productivity and contribute to food security. Our purpose is to cultivate prosperity. We believe that what we do is necessary and important for a sustainable future.

  • Join our entrepreneurial team and make a difference

    Maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit is one of our core values. We encourage a proactive approach to work and the sharing of new ideas and best practices. Every employee has an opportunity to become a leader of his or her own project, while drawing upon all the necessary support, guidance and expertise from colleagues. Our leadership’s close collaboration with all of the organization’s teams favors the exchange of new proposals and their quick approval.

    Our employees value personal accountability and absolute integrity, and they have a deep respect for individuals and the environment. The prevailing work style is open and practical, and it emphasizes candor. We see these values at work every day, and they bring great confidence and strength to our employees.

    All of us take pride in what we do, and we invite you to join us in making a difference.


A wide variety of job functions support our business. Explore their roles in our organization.

  • Finance


    Our Finance department influences strategic decisions by supervising and controlling finance and accounting services. It designs and implements our policies within accounting, financial control and credit management. The Accounting function processes financial operations, Financial Control ensures compliance with legal and internal processes, and Credit Management performs risk analyses, ensures money collection, and optimizes financial resources.

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  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    Engagement and skills are essential to achieve our business goals. The HR function supports company strategy in many ways: recruitment, training, development, compensation & benefits, change management, and organizational changes. HR works closely with operating management and advises our leadership in strategic decision-making.

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  • Information Technology

    Information Technology

    IT’s mission is to design, develop and maintain effective, reliable, secure, and innovative information systems that support our strategies and objectives. The IT function also maintains our technology infrastructure and manages a wide range of IT projects.

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  • Regulatory


    Our Regulatory function ensures that new products and technologies successfully pass all stages of approvals with regulatory authorities, thereby giving us the legal right to offer our solutions to growers. This complex process requires a lot of interaction with various entities, both internal and external, and demands excellent knowledge of legal procedures and governmental bodies.

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  • Research & Development

    Research & Development

    Our R&D department brings new solutions to the markets we serve. Our scientists, chemists and technicians develop new formulations, propose advanced quality control methods, perform product screening, and lead field trials. The work of our R&D team is essential to meet the exacting requirements of today’s marketplace.

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  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing plays a crucial role in building sustainable partnerships. Our sales team regularly interacts with customers and partners, offering the latest solutions that meet end-user needs. Our marketing team focuses on future trends so we can anticipate needs and ensure the availability of advanced solutions. It is also responsible for effective product-related communication.

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  • Supply Chain, Quality and HSE

    Supply Chain, Quality and HSE

    Supply Chain optimizes the cost of goods sold and is responsible for demand planning, procurement, logistics, stock management and plant production. It also performs quality control, manages our ISO quality standards, provides customer services, and oversees our health, safety and environmental programs. Safety of our people is our number one priority.

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