A non-ionic universal organosilicone superspreader for pesticide and leaf nutrients

Key Strengths
  • Crop safety and no negative effects on beneficial insects.
  • Excellent environmental and workers safety characteristics.
  • Next generation adjuvant: it belongs to the organosilicone group known as “superspreaders” which provides significantly enhanced spreading of spray solutions over the treated plant surfaces.
  • Increases spreading of the applied spray solution, which helps carry pesticides also to morphologically complex and thus difficult-to-reach parts of plant.

Composition:  100% Organosilicone adjuvant

Crop: Roses

Hazard Classification: Class III (slightly hazardous)

Packaging: 1 L

Directions for use:

Dosage: 0.01-0.25 % of the water volume used.

Application method: Can be applied at any time during pesticide application

Registered Use
Crop Targets Dosage Remarks


Improve wetting of leaf surfaces and spray coverage

0.01-0.25 % of the water volume used

Can be applied at any time during pesticide application.