Broad spectrum contact and systemic seed dressing fungicide for the control of soil -borne, seed -borne and seedling diseases.  A mixture of a systemic product carboxin, which controls diseases within the seed as well as externally, and a general contact fungicide, thiram, increases the level of disease control and extends the range of diseases controlled.


Composition:  Thiram 200g/L + Carboxin 200g/L

Formulation:  Flowable concentrate

Crop: Wheat

Spectrum: Ustilago nuda ,Tilletia ,Septoria ,Rizoctonia Fusarium

Hazard Classification: Class III (slightly hazardous)

Packaging: 20 L

Directions for use: ANCHOR 200 FS should be applied as a slurry treatment by means of suitable seed treatment equipment.

Dosage: 200mls-300mls / 100 kg of seed


200-300 ml / 20 Litre